A pdf document containing these instructions can be found here.


Feedyards wanting to offer cattle for sale may sign up for a License with at no cost to the feedyard by hitting the Register button in the menu bar at the top of the screen

Once the feedyard has returned the required ACH authorization form and is approved as a user, cattle can be listed on the site at any time.  The feedyard can choose the sale date for the cattle on any available dates offered by The Exchange.  The offering feedyard must have the show list entered each week by not later than Friday at 5:00 pm CT in order to have their lots published to buyers Friday evening, and no later than Monday at 12:00 noon CT in order to have their lots published on the final sale day listing.

A license fee for the use of the Exchange platform of $1.00 per head will be charged to the listing feedyard by 10:00 am CT following the listing deadline in the form of an ACH transaction initiated by The Exchange.  The Exchange reserves the right to cancel the sale of listed cattle if the license fee is not received by the published deadline.


Getting Started as a Seller


These instructions will help you get registered and approved to list market ready fat/fed cattle on the web site.  If you find that you need additional information or help getting signed up, please contact our office at (405) 607-0537

Step 1:  Registering For a User Account

Hit the Register button on the main navigation menu as shown below

Or on a mobile device, select Menu and then select Register


On the Create an Account page enter the following information

Your username should be something you can easily remember and can be the same as your email address if you so choose.  The password must be between 6 and 100 characters and passwords are case sensitive.

Next, enter and confirm your email address

This is important.  Before you will be granted access to the web site, you will have to respond to an automated email sent to this address verifying that you are indeed the owner of the email address.

Next enter your first and last name as well as your business name.  Also enter the telephone number where we can reach you regarding lots you list.

Enter the address associated with the business name entered in the previous section.

And then agree to the terms, conditions and license agreement, and decide if you want to sign up for the newsletter by checking or unchecking the Receive Newsletter option. You can read the Terms, Condition & License agreement, by clicking on the hyperlink.


Step 1:  Verifying your Email Address

When you hit the Complete Registration button, you will be taken to the next window where you must enter the verification code you will be receiving at the email addressed you used in the previous section.

Re-enter your username and enter the verification code from the email that was sent to your account or you can complete this process by clicking on the hyperlink contained in the email.

Step 2:  Completing the ACH Authorization Form

Included in the email you received verifying your email address, there is a link to the ACH authorization form.  You must complete this form and return it.  When completing the form, use the bank account that you wish to have listing fees drawn from whenever you list cattle on The Exchange.

Step 3:  Receiving Approved User Status

After we receive your registration and your completed ACH authorization form, we will perform the steps we follow to verify eligibility and finish the process of setting up your account.  Once we do that, you will receive an email notifying you that your account has been approved.  You may start listing cattle on The Exchange for any sale date we currently have open.

Remember the deadlines for listing each week

Early Listing Deadline

Second Listing Deadline

Final Listing Deadline

License Fee Due

5:00 pm CT


5:00 pm CT


12:00 noon CT


10:00 am CT

Following Deadline


Listing Lots on the Exchange


These instructions will help you get started listing market ready fat/fed cattle on the web site.  If you find that you need additional information or help getting lots listed, please contact our office at (405) 607-0537 

Step 1:  Sign into your account

Prior to creating a show list for a lot of cattle, you must have first completed the steps necessary to receive your account and your free software  license to use The Exchange.

Once you have done that, sign into the site by clicking the Sign In button on the main navigation menu



Then enter your username and password. 



 If you have forgotten your password, you can click the Forgot Your Password to use our automatic password reset feature.  You must have access to your email account to complete the steps to recover/reset your password.

One logged in, the navigation menu will change and you will be presented with the following options

To begin creating a new show list, click the Create Show Lists menu option

Select the region your cattle are to be listed in

Then select the Sale Date

Now hit the Next button

Next, enter the detailed description of the lot you are listing. 

In general this will be the text you normally include when creating show lists any other time you are marketing your cattle.  You can cut and paste from your word processor, or you can use the tools at the top of this box to add formatting to your text.

You may add images if you wish later on in the show list creation process.

Next is a series of required and optional fields for you to enter.  Required fields have a red asterisk next to them. 

Many, if not all of data collected in these fields have been addressed in your detailed description, such as the number of head and who is listing the cattle for sale.  However, for ease of identifying your lots while in the middle of the hectic pace of the sale, these fields are presented to the buyers in grid format so they can quickly identify key characteristics of your lots.


A detailed discussion of each of these fields is included below:

Lot or Reference Number

This is your own internal lot number, pen number, or reference number you use to identify the lot of cattle you are listing.

Head Count

This is the number of head in the lot of cattle you are listing.  You will be able to edit this field up until noon on Tuesday before the Wednesday sale to account for deads.


This is the breed of the cattle.  You may either put in the specific breed such as Angus or Brangus, or you can use the word Mixed if the cattle are made up of numerous breeds.


This is the sex of the animals, heifers, steers or a mixture of heifers and steers.


This is the name of your feedyard.  You can shorten the name if you like so the buyers can see only as much as they need to see in their buying grid to know who they are buying the cattle from.  The buyers confirmation sheet at the end of the auction will include your full registered feedyard name.

Cattle Owner

This is the name of the actual owner of the cattle.  We use this field to group cattle from the same owner in the same feedyard so that the sale of these cattle run one right after the other.  If you are listing multiple lots from the same owner and you want them sold consecutively, be sure to spell the name the same here as on every other lot for that owner.

Weight In

This is the average weight of the cattle when they were brought into your feedyard.

Est Weight at Delivery

This is your estimate of the average weight of the cattle when they are picked up by the purchaser.  In cases where you think the average weight will be between 1350 and 1375 pounds, enter the smaller of the two weights.  You can specify the range of your weight estimate in the description area.  This weight is used to help buyers estimate how many pounds they have purchased during the sale.

Days on Feed

This is the number of days the cattle were on feed at your feedyard.

Estimated Percent 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and 5’s.

These fields are used to identify the percentage you would like to specify as 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.  If all you are stating is that 10 percent of the cattle will be 4’s, then just enter 10 in the 4’s field.  Leave the other fields blank.

Percent Select

This is your estimate of the dressed percent that will be graded as Select grade.

Percent Choice

This is your estimate of the dressed percent that will be graded as Choice or above.

Estimated Percent Dressed Over 1000 lbs

This is your estimate of the percent of animals that will dress out at more han 1000 pounds.

Purchased Region

This is the state or the region of a state if you wish to be more precise that the cattle were purchased from.  You may use the word Various if the cattle are from multiple states.

Beta Agonist

This checkbox is used to indicate that the cattle have been treated with a Beta Agonist.

Weigh Conditions

Weigh conditions describe how the cattle are weighed and the estimated weight shrinkage due to watering, feeding, and handling conditions.  An example would be "On the ground, 4% shrink morning, 5% afternoon"".

Weigh Location

This is where the cattle are to be weighed such as Yard or 3 mile East of yard, etc.

Contact Name

The name of the person who the buyers should contact to arrange to inspect the cattle.

Contact Phone

The phone number of the contact person listed above – multiple numbers can be included.

Cattle Location City

The nearest city to where the cattle are located.

Cattle Location State

The state the cattle are currently located.


The delivery window you are allowing the buyer to pick up the cattle.  Currently we allow for 1-9 days, 10-17 days, or 1-17 days.

Feedyard or Group Order

If you have cattle listed from multiple feed yards, assign the first feed yard cattle to group 1, then the next feed yard cattle to group 2, etc. so that these cattle will be grouped together during the sale.

Next you can upload images of the cattle to the site.  Buyers will be able to see these images when they are searching through show lists in the days before the sale, as well as see images of your specific lot as your lot comes up for sale.

Use the Add Image button to upload as many as 6 images of the cattle in the lot


Next you can choose to either save  this show list as a draft which you can come back to later to edit, or you can go ahead and activate your show list be selecting the Create Listing button.

You can also choose to go back to the first screen to correct the region or sale date if you wish.